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We all work with the end goal of retirement on our minds. How old we'll be, how we will live, and will our retirement sustain us for our longer life spans are questions that can help guide good financial decisions to get you to your end goal.

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Your school contracts with National Life Group/LSW, Midland National, and many more even though they may push only one carrier on campus for ease of benefits administration on their end. However, they like that we help provide this type of one-on-one assistance and facilitate the paperwork needed to get you started or keep you on track with your specific goals.

The school district and state pension do not have the resources to provide personal reviews and custom-tailored solutions for their employees.

  •  We make it easy to understand and implement your retirement goals with retirement solutions specifically designed for CalSTRS/CalPERS K-12 public employees.

  • Asset protection with permanent or term life solutions that include living benefits in case you become critically or terminally ill so you're not exposing your loved ones to financial hardship.

  • Not a public educator? No problem! Let's get you started with an individual IRA or Roth IRA that you can access and manage easily.

  • All options are safe FIA's designed to give you ALL of the upsides of the market and NONE of the downsides so you can feel confidant that your money is SAFE from market crashes.

Aflac Small Business Solutions 

The leaders in VB supplemental insurance; 3 person minimum for groups

  • What happens to your retirement savings when an unexpected medical event occurs?

  • Prevent creating a taxable event by dipping into your retirement assets with Aflac's cash-paying benefits to alleviate the burden of medical bills even with health insurance in place.

  • Business owners can enhance their employee benefits offerings with these affordable, employee-sponsored plans.

  • Individual plans available for those whose employers do not offer Aflac as a benefit in the workplace.

Transamerica Employee Benefits

Guaranteed Issue Indexed Universal and/or whole life, Voluntary Benefit options; 5 person minimum for groups

Debt solutions through MPower America.

Most employees feel that they cannot save for retirement with the current debt that they carry. 

It doesn't have to be this way!

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