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Dream * Plan * Have peace of mind

We all work with the end goal of a stable retirement on our minds.

How old we'll be, how we will live, and will our retirement sustain us for our longer life spans are questions that can help guide good financial decisions to achieve your retirement dreams.

Aflac supplemental insurance offers an affordable short-term financial strategy to help keep your nest egg intact.

  • What happens to your retirement savings when an unexpected medical event occurs?

  • Would you like to learn how to prevent creating a taxable event by dipping into your retirement assets if something significant were to happen? 

With Aflac's cash-paying benefits to alleviate the burden of medical bills even with health insurance in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that Aflac has you covered.

Aflac Small Business Solutions 

  • Aflac is the leader in Voluntary Benefit supplemental insurance; with only a 3-person minimum to establish a group account.

  • Business owners can enhance their employee benefits offerings with low-cost flexible options at no additional cost to them if they so choose.

  • Individual plans are available for those whose employers do not offer Aflac as a benefit in the workplace.

Transamerica Employee Benefits

Guaranteed Issue Indexed Universal and/or whole life, Voluntary Benefit options; 5-person minimum to establish a group account.

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