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Marina has been deeply impacted by her experiences with the homeless community during her time working and living in Los Angeles since her teens.  She holds a strong belief that the homeless cycle can be ended (or at least stymied) by way of early childhood education, truly affordable housing solutions that support the healthy development of children, and access to self-improvement techniques (instead of self-medicating).  Marina aims to significantly contribute towards creating tangible housing solutions for our most vulnerable populations. Your business helps move her closer to achieving that goal.

Marina served on the board for Step Up Ventura from 2016-2021, a local non-profit that serves homeless children under age 5, with the purpose of stopping homelessness in its infancy by ensuring these children are kindergarten-ready through trauma-informed techniques to help them reconnect emotionally to caregivers.

Marina currently mentors residents at a local transitional living home to help support them on their journey to becoming fully self-sufficient and permanently housed.

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